Solidar Elite 4k

The Elite 4K is our premier lens. It has improved transitions between all visual zones, and patented pointfile software to ensure the refraction on the inside of the lens is calculated to match the prescription perfectly.

The Elite 4K has achieved the remarkable goal of neutralizing, to the greatest extent possible, the 5 principal errors inherent in off-axis vision: spherical aberration, oblique astigmatism, distortion, coma, and curvature of field. The correction of these optical errors appears as complex surface topography that provides exceptional vision, making the Elite 4K as close to wearing a single vision lens as possible. It’s everything your patients want in a progressive lens!

Solidar Vario III

Requests for special lenses are increasing, and advancements in design technology have made it possible to fulfill more needs than ever. Solidar has made available a real trifocal design in modern free form technology. Target for this kind of lens are optimized focuses on three positions

• Distance view – for an infinite view
• Intermediate view – to focus the target
• Short view – to note or read details

Important components of the calculation include degression and visual angle,
resulting in clear peripheral viewing. The intermediate portion provides clear focus without power variation. The reading portion is a little smaller, yet still provides for all activities when compared to a normal PAL.

Vario Three is available in 3 different versions

– Driving
– Office working place

– Sports like Golf
– Tennis
– Jogging

– Doctor – Patient
– Conversation with customers

Solidar Elite

Custom Made Performance for the Life of Today

A long day focusing in the office, followed by recreation or activities afterwards, along with intermittent and continuous time on the internet means modern life demands a lot from our eyes. Life is moving faster than ever. Active lifestyles and digital demands are challenging us and the challenge must be met with the latest advancements in lens design.

We have adapted to the high demand and ever changing lifestyles with a custom made multifocal lens design to go above and beyond today’s standards.

In any of life’s activities, the Elite will meet the high expectations of today’s PAL users.

Solidar Quattro

The Solidar Quattro was the first of our designs to start neutralizing the 5 principal errors inherent in off-axis vision: Spherical Aberration, Oblique Astigmatism, Distortion, Coma, and Curvature of Field.

Although an older design, it is still a favorite of some of our longtime customers. The Quattro is the grandfather of our Elite 4K. While the 4K is great for all activities, the Quattro is best for outdoor use.

Solidar Advanced

Balanced Design Best for Everyday Wear
The Solidar Advanced is a well-balanced progressive lens for everyday wear. It’s the perfect design for introductory or casual users and it’s available in four distinct designs. The Advanced Balanced, provides the perfect balance between near and distance, with a wider reading area than the Basic; the Advanced DE (Distance Enhanced); the Advanced RE (Reading Enhanced); and the Advanced Short, with a shorter corridor.

Solidar Basic

An Excellent Entry Level Progressive
The Solidar Basic is an excellent all-purpose lens. Progressive designs are seldom absolutely “hard” or absolutely “soft”, but strive instead for a balance between the two. The Solidar Basic employs a softer design in the distance periphery to improve dynamic peripheral vision and uses a harder design in the near periphery to ensure a wide field of near vision. This “hybrid” design sensibly combines the best features of both “hard” and “soft”.

Solidar Office Lens

Perfectly Optimized for Mid-Range Vision
The Solidar Office is an optimized reading lens with the ability to have clear vision in the mid-distance zone. The useable distance can be controlled by the dynamic power of the office lens. The more dynamic power the lens has, the more it can also be used for distance. We offer several Office progressives that are specifically designed for computer and office use.

Solidar DRS

Invisible Digital Bifocal Ideal for Close-Up Tasks
Exceptional Distance Vision, Superb Near Vision, Virtually Invisible! Solidar’s Digital Bifocal is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to focus on close-up tasks while maintaining a wide field of distant vision. It’s ideal for the fisherman tying a lure, bicyclists, photographers, a variety of office workers, and anyone that reads for long periods of time. It’s available as prescription clear lenses and sunglasses in a wide array of treatments and coatings, including Polarized, Photochromics, 420-IR, and our exclusive Mirror Collection.

The Solidar DRS provides high definition, distortion-free performance for both near and far vision and is virtually invisible because it’s on the backside of the lens.

• Outstanding field of view for distance vision
• Available in all Lens Materials
• Up to Add 5.00
• Near Vision Segment: 28 mm and 35 mm

Solidar I-Relax

Reduces Eye Strain Ideal for Students
The Solidar I-Relax. If your patient spends extended time doing task specific activities such as reading, desk work or computer work, they may benefit from task specific glasses. “Mild Add” lenses are intended as a primary pair replacement for patients wearing single vision. They are recommended for 18 to 40-year-old myopes experiencing symptoms of eye fatigue. The benefits are a power boost to reduce eyestrain for close-up activities & greater comfort than standard vision correction lenses.

Solidar DSV

Individualized Lenses for Everyone
Single vision lenses can now be produced as Individualized premium products. Using multiple optimization algorithms, single vision lenses can be optimized in any prescription. Single vision wearers no longer need to compromise or be boxed-in to limited vision. Choose Solidar DSV for a clear, wide field of view.

Ideal for near or far sighted patients, first time wearers, children, reading or distance lenses as well as sport lenses.

Great for reading books or small font sizes on today’s digital devices, looking at objects that are far away and for sport activities.

• Highest visual performance
• Clear vision in all directions
• Ideal for sports frames
• Clarity in the peripheral zone

Solidar Thin-Tech

Making the Impossible, Possible

Solidar Thin-Tech lens design creates the perfect
balance between visual performance (function) and thinner lenses (fashion). Our patented lens design software analyzes frame construction, wrap angle, prescription and associated measurements to provide an optimized visual
zone, while incorporating position of wear Rx compensation for the best vision. And, our patented thinning algorithm assures the
thinnest lens possible for a fashionable appearance. Thin-Tech offers a significant reduction of lens center and edge thickness, thereby reducing overall weight. Customers can now choose fashionable wrap frames with the assurance of visual excellence and appearance.

• Patented Thinning Algorithm
• Patented Active Design Technology for Rx Sun
• Patented Dynamically Engineered Visual Zone
• The most advanced calculation engine is used to create a customized high-base lens design at the backside of the lens.
• The Ultimate in Cutting Edge Digital Surfacing
• Technology for Prescription Sun Lenses
• Widest Rx Prescription Range. Thin-Thin Lens design offers the best optical performance from +8.00 to -10.00. Higher ranges are available as a special order.
• Available in Single Vision and Progressive Lens Designs.
• Choose any sunwear frame, large frame sizes and wraps
• Thin-Tech design also applicable to high powered dress wear for reduced thicknesses (iThin)

Thin-Tech lens designs are covered by US Patent # 8,002,4043 & 8,499,111; Japan
patent 5202564; Australian patent 2010201129; Taiwan Patent 390269; India Pat. No.
272915; Germany Pat. Nr. 20 2010 018 595. Other patents pending.

Solidar Ultra-He

Advanced AR Coating Easy to Clean, Scratch Resistant, Smudge Resistant!

Solidar Ultra is composed of 12 bonded layers, using proprietary chemistry, formulated for exceptional durability and performance. A super-hydrophobic topcoat ensures ease of cleaning.

Validated by NSL Laboratories, the outstanding performance of the Solidar Ultra has been validated by NSL Analytical Testing Lab, the most respected independent testing lab in the optical industry.

NSL performed the following 4 key tests recommended by the Vision Council of America. The results for Solidar Ultra are outstanding:

  1. Crazing test: Perfect score no crazing
  2. Delamination test: Perfect score no delamination
  3. Crosshatch area test: Perfect score no peeling
  4. Contact Angle for super hydrophobic top-coat for ease of cleaning:
    • Superior score of 116
    • No change in contact angle score after 5,000 rubbing cycle test, yielded a Superior Performance score of 116
    • After a 10,000 rubbing cycle test, a superior contact angle score of 109.8 is maintained.

• Available in Emerald and Cobalt
• Increases overall clarity of vision
• Improves vision using computers, tablets and mobile devices
• Enhances vision when driving at night.

Also available:
The Solidar Advanced AR Coating uses a proprietary spin coat and has many of the same anti-reflective properties as the Ultra. It is an excellent choice when a dip coat is not required.

Solidar Blue provides protection from harmful blue light emitted from many electronics and lighting. Similar to other brands, but at a much more reasonable price.

Solidar Mystik

Rapid Reaction Lenses Optimal Visibility In Any Light Condition

Wide Range of Photochromic Color Concentration Solidar Mystik transmits about 95% of light when clear and about 40% of light after activation. With its wide range of color density, the color of the lens adjusts automatically to the amount of ambient light to ensure comfortable vision at all times.

Immediate Photochromic Reactivity: Mystik protects your vision by responding to varying light conditions anytime, anywhere by activating up to 60% color density depending on the amount of UV light, and returning to 5% in its clear state within 5~10 minutes.

Thinner Lens Thickness & Color Uniformity: The surface photochromic layer was developed through proprietary technology that allows thinner lens thickness upon RX surfacing while maintaining uniform color density throughout the lens.

Solidar 420 IR

Safety & Comfort For Your Eyes
Solidar 420 IR lenses are manufactured by Solidar using proprietary methods. The lenses block harmful near infrared (NIR) rays along with UV rays and blue light while maintaining true color perception. Blocking these types of rays also helps prevent premature aging around the eyes.

Emitted infrared rays are converted into heat when it is on your skin and eyes. You can feel a heat sensation even though you cannot see these rays. This ocular temperature rise and accumulation of heat have a negative and possible harmful e„ffect on the following: cataracts, lenticular opacity, early presbyopia, retinal damage, corneal damage etc.

Recommended for any situation with a long
term exposure to heat; and any activity under
strong, direct sunlight.

• People who participate in mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, paragliding, hang gliding, beach activities, etc.
• People with sensitive eyes
• Children (since their crystalline lens is more fragile until fully developed)
• Seniors
• Anyone spending time in direct sunlight

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