Solidar Elite 4k

The Elite 4K is our premier lens. It has improved transitions between all visual zones, and patented point-file software to ensure the refraction on the inside of the lens is calculated to match the prescription perfectly.

The Elite 4K has achieved the remarkable goal of neutralizing, to the greatest extent possible, the 5 principal errors inherent in off-axis vision: spherical aberration, oblique astigmatism, distortion, coma, and curvature of field. The correction of these optical errors appears as complex surface topography that provides exceptional vision, making the Elite 4K as close to wearing a single visions lens as possible. It’s everything your patients want in a progressive lens!

Solidar Omnilux NGT

Natural comfortable vision for all activities

  • No adaptation period allows new glasses to be enjoyed immediately
  • Thanks to Solidar NGT lenses, you can perform all your daily lifestyle activities with natural clear vision

Solidar Advanced

Balanced Design Best for Everyday Wear
The Solidar Advanced is a well-balanced progressive lens for everyday wear. It’s the perfect design for introductory or casual users and it’s available in four distinct designs. The Advanced Balanced, providing the perfect balance between near and distance, with a wider reading area than the Basic; the Advanced DE (Distance Enhanced); the Advanced RE (Reading Enhanced); and the Advanced Short, with a shorter corridor.

Solidar Basic

An Excellent Entry Level Progressive
The Solidar Basic is an excellent all-purpose lens. Progressive designs are seldom absolutely “hard” or absolutely “soft”, but strive instead for a balance between the two. The Solidar Basic employs a softer design in the distance periphery to improve dynamic peripheral vision and uses a harder design in the near periphery to ensure a wide field of near vision. This “hybrid” design sensibly combines the best features of both “hard” and “soft”.

Solidar Office Lens

Perfectly Optimized for Mid-Range Vision

The Solidar Office is an optimized reading lens with the ability to have clear vision in the mid-distance zone. The useable distance can be controlled by the dynamic power of the office lens. The more dynamic power the lens has, the more it can also be used for distance. We offer several Office progressives that are specifically designed for computer and office use.

Solidar I-Relax

Reduces Eye Strain Ideal for Students
The Solidar I-Relax. If your patient spends extended time doing task specific activities such as reading, desk work or computer work, they may benefit from task specific glasses. “Mild Add” lenses are intended as a primary pair replacement for patients wearing single vision. They are recommended for 18 to 40-year-old myopes experiencing symptoms of eye fatigue. The benefits are a power boost to reduce eyestrain for close-up activities & greater comfort than standard vision correction lenses.

Solidar DSV

Individualized Lenses for Everyone
Single vision lenses can now be produced as Individualized premium products. Using multiple optimization algorithms, single vision lenses can be optimized in any prescription. Single vision wearers no longer need to compromise or be boxed-in to limited vision. Choose Solidar DSV for a clear, wide field of view.

Ideal for near or far sighted patients, first time wearers, children, reading or distance lenses as well as sport lenses.

Great for reading books or small font sizes on today’s digital devices, looking at objects that are far away and for sport activities.

• Highest visual performance
• Clear vision in all directions
• Ideal for sports frames
• Clarity in the peripheral zone

Solidar DRS

Invisible Digital Bifocal Ideal for Close-Up Tasks
Exceptional Distance Vision, Superb Near Vision, Virtually Invisible! Solidar’s Digital Bifocal is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to focus on close-up tasks while maintaining a wide field of distant vision. It’s ideal for the fisherman tying a lure, bicyclists, photographers, a variety of office workers, and anyone that reads for long periods of time. It’s available as prescription clear lenses and sunglasses in a wide array of treatments and coatings, including Polarized, Photochromics, 420-IR, and our exclusive Mirror Collection.

The Solidar DRS provides high definition, distortion-free performance for both near and far vision and is virtually invisible because it’s on the backside of the lens.

• Outstanding field of view for distance vision
• Available in all Lens Materials
• Up to Add 5.00
• Near Vision Segment: 28 mm and 35 mm

Elite AO

Advanced Optics for the digital age

  • Easy adaptability
  • Balanced
  • Designed for digital devices
  • Faster transition to add power
  • Improved posture when using digital devices
  • Increased visual acuity for digital devices
  • Not intended for wrap frames

Handheld devices are used higher and closer than printed materials like books and magazines. The Elite AO addresses this change in habits with extra comfort and improved reading specifically for “digital” height and distance.
Poly, Trivex, 1.60 (1.67 coming soon)
Clear, Photochromic, Polarized

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