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We offer superior products and services. Solidar has been developing anti-reflective coatings and mirrors for over 25 years and have acquired extensive experience and expertise in optics. Solidar is a full service optical lab, complete with 100% digital lenses, including several of our own proprietary designs, and brands like Thin Tech, Shamir, and IOT. We are a fully digital facility producing all lenses, coatings, and services in-house.

We offer excellent turnaround time with complete jobs typically shipping in 3-4 days. Our main goal is our customers’ needs and satisfaction as well as our friendly customer service.

We Edge Specialty Lenses For Frames Including

mirrors and reflective coatings

Mirrors & Anti-Reflective Coatings

Solidar offers several mirror colors including OBSIDIAN dielectric mirrors. Product is available in Poly Tinted and Poly Polarized lenses. Other materials require additional service times.

Solidar’s AR coatings reduce lens reflections enabling the wearer to maximize viewing without distracting glare. The surface of the lens is protected with the most effective repellent treatment available today allowing dirt, grime, and debris to be easily wiped away.

Sun & Sport Rx Eyewear

At Solidar our unique software & lens design technology allows customers to select virtually any frame for their prescription. This offers our customers the ultimate in prescription sunglass technology with increased power ranges for wrap and high fashion frames between +6.00 to -10.00 total power. Our designs can provide lenses up to 38% thinner and up to 44% lighter. Our custom lenses are dynamically engineered with improved visual performance zones with lens power compensation for best vision quality.

Solidar utilizes state of the art MEI edgers to produce eyewear that combines the best of optics, cosmetics, and a secure fit in all frames.

Sun & Sport Rx Eyewear

Let us Exceed your
expectations of an optical lab

Solidar Express gives you the personal attention you deserve because customer service and satisfaction is our priority.

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