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Poly Proguard FSV-AR: 100% UV, 73% HEV, and 53% IR protection

Poly Suncolors FSV: gray 3 with backside AR

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About Us

American Polylite provides superior lenses, coatings and optics

Based in Largo, Florida

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We offer superior products and services. American Polylite has been developing anti-reflective coatings and mirrors for over 25 years and have acquired extensive experience and expertise in optics. American Polylite is a full service optical lab, complete with 100% digital lenses, including several of our own proprietary designs, and brands like Thin Tech, Shamir, and IOT. We are a fully digital facility producing all lenses, coatings, and services in-house.

We Edge Specialty Lenses For Frames Including

API Optical Laboratory Excels In The Following Key Areas:

High Definition Lenses
Offering a full suite of 100% digital lenses to meet all of your patient needs

Specialty Optics
We do the hard stuff – we pick up where other labs leave off!

Specialty Edging
Our state of the art equipment can turn a hard job into an everyday job.

Thin Tech™ & iThin™
The patented process that makes lenses up to 38% thinner and 41% lighter while improving the vision quality due to the unique optimization process. Available for Sun, Sport and Everyday RX’s.

Mirror and Anti-Reflective Coatings
Our OBSIDIAN™ dialectic mirrors use a proprietary and unique process unlike other mirrors

SOLIDAR – means Solid-AR! Our AR coatings are formulated for exceptional durability and performance!

We do in-house what most other labs outsource! Extreme & specialized processes giving “vision beyond limits”

Let us Exceed your
expectations of an optical lab

American Polylite gives you the personal attention you deserve because customer service and satisfaction is our priority.

Call us today! (727) 585-2192

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