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Solidar Optical offers our high-definition lens designs in a variety of lens materials, properties and colors. In addition to standard clear, polarized, tinted, and photochromic lenses, Solidar offers these specialized lenses to fit a variety of lifestyles and outdoor applications. We use advanced technology to design lenses that match your lifestyle and your passion. Choose the perfect lens that’s just right for you!

Thin-Tech Polarized

Thin-Tech Polarized lenses cut glare by reducing the brightness and reflections off of shiny surfaces, such as glare from other cars when you are driving, glare at the beach from water and sand, etc. Polarized lenses enhance contrast, improve visual clarity and reduce eye strain. Available in Grey and Brown.

Thin-Tech Polarized Advanced

Thin-Tech Polar-Smart is a polarized lens that’s been specifically designed to work with smart phones, tablets and other electronic displays that are sometimes not compatible with standard polarized lenses. It has the same great glare cutting technology as our classic polarized lenses.

SunColors HD Golf

The Thin-tech Golf reduces the overwhelming green color bombarding your eye on the course for improved distinction between red, green, blue, and white. Sharps on-green depth, texture, and distance perception, which helps you see the ball and its path more clearly.

SunColors HD Drive

Our Drive lens optimizes red and green to increase color contrast and enhance visual perception on the road. The yellowish green lens color decreases blue to minimize glare and filters excessive light for maximum driving comfort.

SunColors HD Extreme

Thin-Tech Extreme is a neutral gray lens that boosts color perception for vivid shades of red, green, and blue. Designed for typical outdoor use, haze and glare are virtually eliminated and color contrast is enhanced for an exceptional visual experience.

SunSmart Polarized Photochromic

Thin-Tech Photochromic lenses darken automatically when exposed to sunlight to enhance your vision in both bright light and shade. The lenses are light-to-medium grey in low light and a rich, dark grey in bright light.

Suncolors Max-Blocker 420 IR

Safety & Comfort for Your Eyes

Suncolors Max-Blocker 420 IR lenses are manufactured by Solidar using proprietary methods. The lenses block harmful near infrared (NIR) rays along with UV rays and blue light while maintaining true color perception. Blocking these types of rays also helps prevent premature aging around the eyes.

Emitted infrared rays are converted into heat when it is on your skin and eyes. You can feel a heat sensation even if you cannot see these rays. This occular temperature rise and accumulation of heat have a bad effect on the human eyes and may effect the folowing: cataracts, lenticular opacity, early presbyopia, retinal damage, corneal damage, etc.

Blocks out harmful rays, such as: Near Infrared, UV 420 and Blue Light

Material: MR-8 1.60 Index

Recommended Users

  • People who participate in mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, paragliding, hang gliding, beach activities, etc.
  • People with sensitive eyes
  • Children (since their crystalline lens is more fragile until fully developed)
  • Seniors
  • Anyone spending time in direct sunlight

Through advanced spectral filtration, AmplifEYE lenses selectively block color waves for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world.

Deigned for outdoor use, AmplifEYE virtually eliminates haze and glare, and enhances color contrast for vision bursting with color.

Also available in plano, AmplifEYE lenses boost color perception for vivid shades of blue, green, and red.

RX Availability
Lens Design: Available in all Solidar and Thin-Tech lens Designs
Materials: Polycarbonate
Mirrors: Check with Lab for compatible colors

Plano Availability
Materials: Plano 1.56 in Base 6 or 8 | Plano Poly in Base 6
Mirrors: Check with Lab for compatible colors
Coatings for RX & Plano: Backside AR Coating | Front Side Mirror Coating | Front Side Mirror + Back Side AR Coating

Mystik’s Superior Photochromic Technology Provides Optimal Visibility in Any Light Condition

Competitive Pricing
Increase your profits and beat the competition with a high quality photochromic lens at reasonable prices.

Order Premium Photochromic Lenses in High-Index

Solidar’s MYSTIK photochromic Lens is available in 1.67 High Index as well as Polycarbonate.

Wide Range of Photochromic Color Concentration

Solidar Mystik transmits about 95% of light when clear and about 40% of light after activation. With it’s wide range of color density, the color of the lens adjusts automatically to the amount of ambient light to ensure comfortable vision at all times.

Immediate Photochromic Reactivity

Mystik protects your vision by responding to varying light conditions anytime, anywhere by activating 60% color density depending on the amount of UV light, and returning to 5% in its clear state within 5-10 minutes.

Thinner Lens Thickness & Color Uniformity

The surface photochromic layer was developed through proprietary technology that allows thinner lens thickness upon surfacing while maintaining uniform color density throughout the lens.

Mirror Colors Available: Check with Lab for compatible colors

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