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American Polylite offers our high-definition lens designs in a variety of lens materials, properties and colors. In addition to standard clear, polarized, tinted, and photochromic lenses, American Polylite offers these specialized lenses to fit a variety of lifestyles and outdoor applications. We use advanced technology to design lenses that match your lifestyle and your passion. Choose the perfect lens that’s just right for you!

Proguard UV+HEV+IR

Slow the effects of premature aging in and around the eyes!

Radiation from the sun consists of 5-7% UV, 39-42% visible light, and 54% IR- which is heat. IR rays increase dehydration in the skin and eyes, contribute to eye fatigue, and can damage collagen around the eyes resulting in premature or worsening wrinkles around the eyes. Additionally, this heat may contribute to retinal or lens damage, which can lead to cataracts and AMD. While sunglasses may help, we often find ourselves outdoors without sunglasses. Similarly, sitting at a computer or monitor for long periods of time on a daily basis can have a detrimental effect in and around the eyes. With 3 times the protection of other lenses, Proguard provides complete protection from all the sun’s damaging rays, LED lights, digital screens, and more! Available only in our advanced chromatic-aberration-free polycarbonate, give your patients the ultimate protection.

  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduces heat felt in and around the eyes
  • Inhibits skin aging
  • Reduces risk of cataracts & AMD
  • Helps prevent wrinkles around the eyes
  • More comfortable vision overall
  • Maximum protection in and around the eyes!

Lens Specs:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Specific gravity: 1.20
  • Abbe Value: 31

Solidar Mystik Fast

Comfortable Photochromic Concentration:
Mystik transmits ~95% of light when clear, and ~40% of light after activation.

Immediate Photochromic Reactivity:
Mystik quickly responds to varying light conditions anytime, anywhere by activating up to 60% color density.
Mystik becomes 50% clearer within 30-60 SECONDS and returns to its normal clear state in around 5 minutes.

Mystik blocks 100% of UV400, and has effective blue light protection. This new technology from Japan allows Mystik to quickly darken to remove outdoor glare from bright sunlight, and even more quickly fade to clear to avoid an awkward appearance indoors.

Solidar 420 IR

Safety & Comfort For Your Eyes

Solidar 420 IR lenses are manufactured by Solidar using proprietary methods. The lenses block harmful near infrared (NIR) rays along with UV rays and blue light while maintaining true color perception. Blocking these types of rays also helps prevent premature aging around the eyes.

Emitted infrared rays are converted into heat when it is on your skin and eyes. You can feel a heat sensation even though you cannot see these rays. This ocular temperature rise and accumulation of heat have a negative and possible harmful effect on the following: cataracts, lenticular opacity, early presbyopia, retinal damage, corneal damage etc.

Recommended for

  • Any situation with a long term exposure to heat
  • Any activity under strong, direct sunlight.
  • People with sensitive eyes
  • Children (since their crystalline lens is more fragile until fully developed)
  • Seniors

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