Specialty and Low Vision

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Even though a majority of ECPs recommend specialty lenses and coatings to patients, there is no consensus about what “specialty” means in eyeglass lenses. Generally in the optical industry, a “specialty” lens is any lens that is prescribed for a specific purpose rather than general use. Computer lenses, digital device lenses, reading lenses, driving lenses, sports lenses (golf, shooting, boating), sports safety lenses, or occupational lenses all fall in this category.

Most labs consider “specialty” to be lenses that fall outside the realm of standard processing. This includes high Rx, prism, slabs, wraps, custom drill mounts, antique frames, and other types of “manual” jobs. This type of work requires more attention, more hands-on work, and many times special equipment.

American Polylite is trusted by many other labs and manufacturers to provide services for all of these “specialty” jobs. We continually expand our capabilities to ensure timely service and excellent products. This means we stay up-to-date on the latest in digital processes, and continue the practices of the “old school”.

Utilizing the benefits of Thin Tech’s patented technology, we can go far beyond the boundaries of general processing. Specially tuned equipment combined with Thin Tech technology means things never before possible can be run-of-the-mill at American Polylite. At American Polylite, we specialize in special needs.

• High Minus
• High Plus
• HD and Traditional Myodisc
• HD and Traditional Lenticular
• High Prism
• High Power Add-on Bifocals
• High Power Add on PALs

• HD and Traditional Slabs
• HD Reverse Slabs
• Round Segs
• Prism Segs
• Franklin Lenses

If you don’t see a service listed that you need, just call us – we probably do it!

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