Anti-Reflective Coatings

Solidar ULTRA-HE

Advanced AR Coating. Easy to Clean, Scratch Resistant, Smudge Resistant!

Solidar Ultra is composed of 12 bonded layers, using proprietary chemistry, formulated for exceptional durability and performance. A super-hydrophobic topcoat ensures ease of cleaning.

The outstanding performance of the Solidar Ultra has been validated by NSL Analytical Testing Lab, the most respected independent testing lab in the optical industry.

NSL performed the following 4 key tests recommended by the Vision Council of America. The results for Solidar Ultra are outstanding:

  1. Crazing test: Perfect score no crazing
  2. Delamination test: Perfect score no delamination
  3. Crosshatch area test: Perfect score no peeling
  4. Contact Angle for super hydrophobic top-coat for ease of cleaning:
    • Superior score of 116
    • No change in contact angle score after 5,000 rubbing cycle test, yielded a Superior Performance score of 116
    • After a 10,000 rubbing cycle test, a superior contact angle score of 109.8 is maintained.
  • Available in Emerald and Cobalt
  • Increases overall clarity of vision
  • Improves vision using computers, tablets and mobile devices
  • Enhances vision when driving at night.

Also available:
The Solidar Advanced AR Coating uses a proprietary spin coat and has many of the same anti-reflective properties as the Ultra. Recommended for CR39 ONLY.

Solidar Blue provides protection from harmful blue light emitted from many electronics and lighting. Similar to other brands, but at a much more reasonable price.

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