The Thin-Tech lens design creates the perfect balance between visual performance (function) and thinner lenses (fashion). Our patented lens design software analyzes frame construction, wrap angle, prescription and associated measurements to provide an optimized visual zone, while incorporating position of wear Rx compensation for the best vision. And, our patented thinning algorithm assures the thinnest lens possible for a fashionable appearance.  Thin-Tech offers a significant reduction of lens center and edge thickness, thereby reducing overall weight. Customers can now choose fashionable wrap frames with the assurance of visual excellence and appearance.

  • Patented Thinning Algorithm
  • Patented Active Design Technology for Rx Sun
  • Patented Dynamically Engineered Visual Zone
  • The most advanced calculation engine is used to create a customized high-base lens design at the backside of the lens.
  • The Ultimate in Cutting Edge Digital Surfacing
  • Technology for Prescription Sun Lenses
  • Widest Rx Prescription Range. Thin-Thin Lens design offers the best optical performance from +8.00 to -10.00. Higher ranges are available as a special order.
  • Available in Single Vision and Progressive Lens Designs.
  • Choose any sunwear frame, large frame sizes and wraps
  • Thin-Tech design also applicable to high powered dress wear for reduced thicknesses ( iThin )

Thin-Tech lens designs are covered by US Patent # 8,002,4043 & 8,499,111; Japan patent 5202564; Australian patent 2010201129; Taiwan Patent 390269; India Pat. No. 272915; Germany Pat. Nr. 20 2010 018 595. Other patents pending.

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