Suncolors Max-Blocker 420 IR

Suncolors Max-Blocker 420 IR

Safety & Comfort for Your Eyes

Suncolors Max-Blocker 420 IR lenses are manufactured by Solidar using proprietary methods. The lenses block harmful near infrared (NIR) rays along with UV rays and blue light while maintaining true color perception. Blocking these types of rays also helps prevent premature aging around the eyes.

Emitted infrared rays are converted into heat when it is on your skin and eyes. You can feel a heat sensation even if you cannot see these rays. This occular temperature rise and accumulation of heat have a bad effect on the human eyes and may effect the folowing: cataracts, lenticular opacity, early presbyopia, retinal damage, corneal damage, etc.

Blocks out harmful rays, such as: Near Infrared, UV 420 and Blue Light

Material: MR-8 1.60 Index

Recommended Users

  • People who participate in mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, paragliding, hang gliding, beach activities, etc.
  • People with sensitive eyes
  • Children (since their crystalline lens is more fragile until fully developed)
  • Seniors
  • Anyone spending time in direct sunlight

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