Through advanced spectral filtration, AmplifEYE lenses selectively block color waves for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world.

Deigned for outdoor use, AmplifEYE virtually eliminates haze and glare, and enhances color contrast for vision bursting with color.

Also available in plano, AmplifEYE lenses boost color perception for vivid shades of blue, green, and red.

RX Availability
Lens Design: Available in all Solidar and Thin-Tech lens Designs
Materials: Polycarbonate
Mirrors: Check with Lab for compatible colors

Plano Availability
Materials: Plano 1.56 in Base 6 or 8 | Plano Poly in Base 6
Mirrors: Check with Lab for compatible colors
Coatings for RX & Plano: Backside AR Coating | Front Side Mirror Coating | Front Side Mirror + Back Side AR Coating

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