Solidar Mystik

Solidar Mystik

Rapid Reaction Lenses Optimal Visibility In Any Light Condition

Wide Range of Photochromic Color Concentration Solidar Mystik transmits about 95% of light when clear and about 40% of light after activation. With its wide range of color density, the color of the lens adjusts automatically to the amount of ambient light to ensure comfortable vision at all times.

Immediate Photochromic Reactivity: Mystik protects your vision by responding to varying light conditions anytime, anywhere by activating up to 60% color density depending on the amount of UV light, and returning to 5% in its clear state within 5~10 minutes.

Thinner Lens Thickness & Color Uniformity: The surface photochromic layer was developed through proprietary technology that allows thinner lens thickness upon RX surfacing while maintaining uniform color density throughout the lens.

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